Friday, March 3, 2017

Rising Thunder

Thro' the dark
Wait and wonder.
Listen for the sound,
Ever growing louder,
Shaking sky and sea and ground--
Listen! Do not be a doubter.
Trust and justice shall prevail at last;
Let them know the secret of your glory.
Harken to God's voice, for all will soon be past;
Time reveals the unknown secrets of our story.
Rising conflict meet our dreams and say what will befall!
Stranger, in the rumble find the beauty, drown your sorrow.
Some for honour, some for justice, or the glory of it all,
Some undaunted, some unwilling, all will meet the storm tomorrow.
Do not harken to the earth's allurements--rain is coming; build an ark!
Virtue is your refuge--in tempestuous days leave no vice free to plunder.
Leaving all we knew and all we thought, from each safe port let everyone embark,
To embrace the rising storm; the warhymn sung by angels in the rolling thunder.

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