Thursday, November 24, 2016


The sky is bright with life's pure rays,
The brook is laughing as it plays
Among the forest's leaf-strewn maze
While flowers dance along its ways.
As noon-light slays the morning haze
God's presence fills our lives with praise
And drives the darkness from our days--
So now together let us raise our voice.

When waves as black as death arise;
Pain falls in torrents from the skies
And wind, like tortured spirits, cries
Through the dark night hear! Heav'n replies:
“In all your dying, He too dies.”
With us, He shares His sacrifice
And naught of men or Satan's lies
Can change His love or compromise His choice.

Give thanks.
For all along our mortal race
Though smooth the road or hard the pace
We know we walk before His face
Within a Cosmos made of grace
So leave your shame and sorrow base
And with thanksgiving bring your case
To Him who bore our sin's disgrace;
Let all mankind from all their places, ranks
Give thanks.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. Good truth and a great reminder that everything is really OK.